For Aspiring Health Professional Students

Lawndale Summer Medical Project 
The Lawndale Summer Medical Project is a 4-5 week summer program in which 4th year pre-med/pre-midlevel students and 1st year medical students have the opportunity to work alongside Christian clinicians and help to serve a medically underserved community. The program was developed in 2002 and 2003 in conjunction with the Christian Medical & Dental Association and Christian Community Health Fellowship. Students live and work in the Lawndale community to experience total immersion with the community. LSMP focuses on chronic care patients who do not access routine care and also participate in hosting health screenings at various community health fairs.

LSMP History


Who should apply?
We are accepting applications from 1st year medical students, senior college students interested in becoming an MD or midlevel provider, or recent college graduates planning to become an MD or midlevel in the future.

To learn more about LSMP, download a brochure.

Click here to Download an application for the LSMP as well as a recommendation form. Scholarships are available for qualified candidates (See application for details). Contact us for details.


For Undergraduate Students

LCHC does not directly offer a summer medical program for undergraduate students. However, LCHC partners with CUP (Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's Chicago Urban Program) to accept a select number of undergraduate interns placed at the health center. Medically-interested undergraduate students seeking a summer internship experience at Lawndale Christian Health Center should consider applying through CUP. Visit CUP's website for more information.


For High School Students

Lawndale Summer Youth Project
The Lawndale Summer Youth Project (LSYP) is a six-week project sponsored by Lawndale Christian Health Center. LSYP offers high school students job training and valuable exposure to the fields of medicine and public health as well as other related fields. This unique opportunity enables students to gain meaningful work experience and receive in-service training to improve job skills and college preparedness while earning a stipend.

Who should apply?
High school students who are between the ages of 16 and 18 (by June 30) and considering a career in public health are strongly encouraged to apply. Students with a sense of community responsibility, strong involvement with their church/community and high motivation will fit well on our team. LSYP will provide students the opportunity to interact with medical professionals and broaden their career horizons.

To learn more about LSYP, download a brochure

Click here to Download an application for LSYP as well as a recommendation form