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Who We Are

The mission of Lawndale Christian Health Center is to show and share the love of Jesus by promoting wellness and providing quality, affordable healthcare for Lawndale and the neighboring communities. Through our mission, LCHC is working to improve the health of the more than 60,000 patients who have chosen us as their medical home as well as improve the health of the community where we're located. 

For the 20-30% of our patients who have no insurance, LCHC is the place where health care services are still financially accessible. For community residents who are seeking jobs, LCHC is a place to secure employment. For students, LCHC is a place to receive training. For our peers, LCHC is a place to find ideas about providing healthcare for an underserved community. And for each of our patients and friends, we hope that LCHC is a place where they experience our faith mission of “showing and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.” 

Lawndale Christian Health center is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO), and is recognized as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Bureau of Primary Health Care.


Our mission is to show and share the love of Jesus by promoting wellness and providing quality, affordable healthcare for Lawndale and the neighboring communities.


Our values are an extension of the Christian Community Development philosophy, embodied by the words: Relocation, Reconciliation, Redistribution. Lawndale Christian Health Center was founded by Lawndale Community Church in 1984.

LCHC History

Lawndale Christian Health Center has its roots in the efforts of a group of community residents, largely from Lawndale Community Church, who in 1984 spearheaded an effort to address the lack of affordable, quality health care services in their community. With many hours of volunteer time and a $150,000 grant from the Chicago Community Trust, a former Cadillac dealership was transformed into the facility that is now Lawndale Christian Health Center (LCHC). LCC subsequently launched Lawndale Christian Development Corporation (LCDC), which originally focused on the development of affordable housing, but has since expanded to include educational programs and community organizing efforts. Originally all three occupied the present structure of LCHC, but, as each ministry grew, additional buildings were acquired, leaving only the health center occupying the original structure (apart from a gymnasium used by LCC). LCC also has a sister church in South Lawndale called La Villita Community Church (LVCC). (To see a graphic representation of all the Lawndale Christian Ministries, click here.)

Since its founding, LCHC has grown rapidly. Services include laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, behavioral health, and health support services for targeted populations such as pregnant women, seniors, asthmatics, diabetics, and persons with HIV. LCHC delivers care at satellite clinics located at Homan Square, Farragut Career Academy, Archer Heights, and Breakthrough Urban Ministries. Our main campus on Ogden Avenue has grown beyond the original site at 3860 W. Ogden to include several new buildings along Ogden. The Health & Wellness Center houses a fitness center, a café open to the community, pediatric medical and dental clinics, womens’ health center, and a conference center. The Immediate Care Clinic offers same-day walk in appointments for urgent medical needs. The Farm on Ogden opened in June 2018 in partnership with the Chicago Botanical Garden. The Senior Center is dedicated to helping older adults in the community thrive.