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Our Leadership

Senior Leadership

Bruce Miller, CEO
Bruce Miller
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Wayne Detmer, Chief Clinical Officer
Wayne Detmer, MD
Chief Clinical Officer, Operations
Dr. Bruce Rowell, Chief Clinical Officer - Clinical Quality
Bruce Rowell, MD
Chief Clinical Officer, Clinical Quality
Pastor James Brooks, M Div, Chief Ministry Officer
Pastor James Brooks, M Div
Chief Ministry Officer
Jonathan Wildt
Chief Operating Officer
Chris Dons, CFO
Chris Dons
Chief Financial Officer
Roger Cortez, Director of Health Information Management
Roger Cortez
Director of Health Information Management
Brandy Boler, Director of Human Resources
Brandy Boler
Director of Human Resources
Alyssa Sianghio
Director of Development & Communications
Rachel Herter, Director of Health Information Technology
Rachel Herter
Director of Health Information Technology

Board of Directors

Rob Castaneda
Rob Castaneda
Board Chair
Thomas Worthy
Thomas Worthy
Jeanette Park Lee
Jeanette Park Lee
Jill Bradley
Jill Bradley
David Doig
David Doig
Dr. Bill Clapp, MD
Bill Clapp, MD
George Clopton
George Clopton
Anne Gordon
Anne Gordon
Rochelle Foster
Sara DeMateo
Alma Roque
Alma Roque