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Care Team Contact Info

If you know your care team, you can use these numbers to contact your care team directly. If you're not sure about your care team, but you know the name of your primary care provider (PCP - this might be a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant), you can determine your care team by finding their name on the list of providers below each care team.

To call from an outside line, just dial "872-588-" and then the 4 digit extension listed below. For example, to reach the Family Practice care team appointment line, you would dial 872-588-3430. 


Archer Care Team

Appointment Line: x3560
Referral Coordinator: x3563                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Breakthrough Clinic Care Team

Appontment Line: x3580
Referral Coordinator: x3583

Ogden Main Clinic - East Care Team | Family Practice 

Appointment Line: x3430
Referral Coordinator: x3433

Farragut Care Team

Appointment Line: x3540
Referral Coordinator: x3543

Homan Square - East Care Team

Appointment Line: x3520
Referral Coordinator: x3523

Homan Square - West Care Team

Appointment Line: x3510
Referral Coordinator: x3523

Ogden Main Clinic - Central Care Team | Internal Medicine

Appointment Line: x3440
Referral Coordinator: x3443

Ogden Campus Health & Fitness Center 4th Floor | OB Care Team

Appointment Line: x3470
Referral Coordinator: x3473

Ogden Campus Health & Fitness Center 3rd Floor | Pediatric Care Team

Appointment Line: x3420
Referral Coordinator: x3423

Ogden Main Clinic - West Care Team | Specialty Clinic

Appointment Line: x3420
Referral Coordinator: x3423