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New Patients


Our hope is that we will become a welcoming home for your medical care. If you're here, it means you've already made a commitment to improving your health. We're glad you're here and we can't wait to help you!

Partners in Care

Health care is a partnership between you and your health care team. We see you as the center of your care team, and want you to be involved in your own treatment plan to the extent that you wish to be. At each appointment, please come prepared with the information to help your PCP provide the best care for you. If you are on several medications, please bring your medication containers with you. If you have been to the emergency room or hospital, or have seen a specialist, bring any reports or discharge papers along. We can do a better job meeting your needs when we have all the important information about your health. As your care partner, we will also encourage you to set personal goals to improve your health.

Your Primary Care Provider

As a patient at LCHC, you will choose your primary care provider (PCP) – a doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant. Your relationship with your PCP is very important. When you know your PCP and your PCP knows you, you will receive better quality care. Because of this, it is very important that you schedule appointments with the same PCP each time. For women who become pregnant, you may receive prenatal care from a midwife or obstetrician, then return to care with your PCP after delivery.

Your Care Team

Your primary care provider (PCP) works with a number of staff members who are committed to providing you with high quality care. Each member of your care team has a unique role; in addition to your PCP, your team will include a nurse and medical assistant, and may also include a chronic care educator, care coordinator, nutritionist, psychologist, pharmacist, or health support worker. Your care team may change depending on your medical needs. 

Contacting Your Care Team

Once you have selected a Primary Care Provider (PCP), we want to make it simple for you to access your PCP’s care team to schedule appointments or ask questions, even after the clinic is closed. Your Care Team will give you access to their direct line and you'll be able to contact them online directly through our MyLawndale Health Patient Portal.

Coordinating Your Care

When you need to see a specialist or get a test elsewhere, we will stay involved in your care by ensuring you have the information you need, and we may provide assistance with scheduling your additional appointments. Our goal is to help you navigate the health care system as easily as possible.


If your PCP refers our for additoinal care, your care team's Referral Coordinator will help you schedule that appointment and get any additional information you may need.

Second Opinions and Specialty Care

As a valued patient of LCHC, we want you to be at the center of your health care. You have the right to obtain care from other clinicians within LCHC, to seek a second opinion, and to seek specialty care.


Thank you for choosing Lawndale Christian Health Center! We look forward to providing you with ongoing, quality care.